RU Series - Tube Endforming Machines

CNC controlled tube endforming machines - RU Series

Flexibility by innovation | The market is demanding more efficient and versatile machines for processing tube ends. There already are several machines based on different concepts that try to meet the requirements of the industry. However, there are PRO´s and CON´s for each of them.

Creation of value by precise technology. These days, new technical possibilities are provided by servoelectric drives,which, unlike the hydraulic solutions, are able to follow complex and variable sets of parameters for each step. The end forming machine is not just an evolution of our previous RU8-12-18 machines but rather a completely new development including the advantages of earlier models and considering solutions for customer requirements from the past.

Compact design and prepared for automation

A worldwide unique is the compact design of the machine with vertically aligned tools (maximum 16, also multiple rotating tools) combined without any hydraulics, which significantly reduces the machine's dimensions and makes it easy to transport.

The machine can be selected as a manually operated variant, as a master machine for simple automation and as a fully automatic forming press. Via the robot interface, the machine can be perfect integrated into a automated manufacturing cell.



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